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Chocolate paste recipe

Chocolate paste is an edible clay and it's a great way to make your cake look great. And not to forget, it tastes marvelous!  It's very easy to make, so anyone can do this. The recipe is as follow:


2/3 amount of chocolate (you can use dark or light chocolate, or even white chocolate)
1/3 amount of light syrup
The amount depends on if you are to cover a cake in it, or just make flowers or other decorations with it (or both). The amount I use to cover a 24 cm (9,5 inch) cake, plus making some decorations is the following:
500g (1,1 lbs) of chocolate
250g (0,6 lbs) of light syrup
Melt the chocolate in the microwave. Check it often so you don't overdo it. When it's melted mix in the syrup and let it rest in room temperature. Stir it now and again to mix in the fat that float around - and don't worry, this is supposed to happen! When it's almost cold take it out of the bowl and into a plastic bag or a zip lock bag. (If you don't it's a bit hard to get out of the bowl when completely cold).
Before you use it you need to knead the chocolate paste to make it flexible. It is very hard in the beginning, but don't worry, keep on kneading and it will become softer. Now you can roll it out to cover a cake with it. Or you can make flowers and other decorations to decorate your cake. 






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